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Enhanced Tours

Enhanced Tours enriching user experiencing and taking Business to a whole new level

An Enhanced Tour enriches the user experience on a Google Business View or Google View Tour. It amplifies the engagement that your potential visitors have with your website, social media or Blog.

An Enhanced Tour gives your Google Business View and Google View a whole New Dimension, with this new innovation that transforms static websites and social pages and makes them interactive like no other. It engages your visitors and has been proven to keep them interested longer. The longer they stay the better the conversions.

The enhanced tour allows you to show off your Business as if they were physically there, directing them to areas of interest, displaying specials you might have, integrating product they are looking at or taking them directly to the online store. You can play a video, displaying a catalogue of show a picture. Basically it can be tailored to whatever your imagination desires or business.

Tour Features

Multi Platform

Mobile responsive compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android and other Mobile devices.


Compatible with many Operating systems and functions on all conceivable systems.

Customer Interface

The Business owner has the ability to make changes directly giving control to the business owner for that special campaign or monthly changes.


Generate reports that show how your audience is engaging. What products or services that are getting most interest, see how many visits your tour is getting and many other markers that can help better understand your visitors.


Can be embedded on Websites, Blogs, Facebook etc.


An Enhanced Tour can accommodate nearly any industry

Areas Of Interest

A Enhanced Tour has a dropdown menu that assists larger business to navigate areas of the business. With just a few clicks you can move to areas of interest that may include Video, Photos or information.

Point Of Interest

A Enhanced Tour has up 50 points of interest (hotspot) that can be used to show-off products, services or distinct elements of the tour.

By clicking on the Hotspot you a distinct box that can also have a call to action – which may include link to shopping cart, webpage, Enquiry form, Call Now Button or just email enquiry right within the tour.

Table Bookings – Restaurants

A Enhanced Tour can accommodate restaurants, cafes, pubs, sandwich, Day Spa's other beauty shops. Your Visitors can book a table or a service you offer. With the booking Hotspot, you have the possibility to choose up to two options: different menus or specific services. This area is manageable by the business owner and is completely customisable. You can choose dozens of icons and can even have custom icons added according to needs that will be realized by our developers.

Hotel/B&B - Hospitality

If you're a Hotel, B&B or other form of accommodation A Enhanced Tour allows your Guests to reserve a room or make a enquiry directly within the tour. It can gather information about the enquiry about the room booking or other service you may offer. It can also be customised by the various options available to you.