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Google Business View

Dominate your competitors with the extension of STREET VIEW into YOUR BUSINESS

Google's ever popular Street View is now being extended into your business.  While the Google Car is in your area updating Google Maps why not take advantage of this exciting new feature to help you dominate your competitors in search! 

Google Business View's 360 Degree Virtual Tour showcases the interior of your business, enhances your Google My Business Listing which in turn helps you rank higher in Search.  Why not influence potential customers to make a decision to chose your business by adding a 360 Degree Virtual tour to your Google My Business Listing?  You can also put your company's virtual tour on your website and Facebook page!  How does that sound?

My Business Plus has teamed up with Google Trusted Photographers who can facilitate Google Business View for your business, regardless of location.  We are proud to be able to offer clients these extended services with the help of the Google Trusted Photographers.

The Google Business View program is an amazing opportunity to help business owners like you better showcase their businesses.  The 360 Degree Virtual Tour welcomes potential customers into your business and can strongly influence their buying decisions.  It can showcase your business's vibrancy, decor, ambiance, natural light, making it more desirable for them to visit you physically, not just online.

But why stop there?  Did you know video now represents 80% of all content viewed online.  Why not turn your 360 Degree Virtual Tour into a video commercial to further engage your audience?  Not only can your 360 Degree Video Commercial be placed on your Google My Business listing but you can also put it on your Facebook page, Website, Instagram or YouTube account.  It is a proven fact that enhanced tours keep your visitors on your website and social media accounts longer, meaning more chance to convert a searcher in to a paying customer.  

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